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Gabriela d’Amato, a graphic designer and sound artist currently in New York City. I received my bachelors of fine arts in Communication Design from Parsons the New School for Design and have since then worked with others to culturally engage through print publishing, environmental graphics and interactive design. I have been commissioned by a broad range of professional offices whilst also maintaining an individually directed design and research practice that works with a wide range of clients; cultural institutions, photographers, musicians and athletes. I am interested in cultural variety, risk, and reward as informed by the lifestyle of my co-collaborators.

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Never not designing
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Soundwave Preparations Identity Design - Book Design Soundwave Preparations = an Imprint whose representational approach is defined by its engagement with all stages of a given musical project. A project motivated by the desire to diversify our sensory understanding of sound through the sampling of non-sonic material. Through the analysis of compositional elements, Soundwave preparations provides an alternative stance amongst the standards of contemporary musical classifications. Its designed output acts as an instrument of organization and audiovisual contribution. Soundwave Preparations is both curated and comprised by the multidisciplinary work of Gabriela d'Amato, combining sonic and digital minimalism across all products within the evolving identity.

View a live flip through at vimeo.com/92486142
SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations SoundwarePreparations
Lanterne Rouge Publication Design A city-specific printed publication that surveys the everyday experience of riding a bike in New York City. Lanterne Rouge seeks to gather a community of riders from casual commuters to competitive cyclists to discuss a love for a life best lived on two wheels.

Lanterne Rouge is a collectors item with a competitive edge. Issues are printed in limited quantities while archiving entries of timeless quality.

Submissions / Inquiries at www.ltrmag.com

Print Experiments Print Design - 2015 Pictured below:
The Vignelli Cannon, typeset into a four section grid and overprinted on 5 12 x 18in posters. Each poster is double sided and references various concluding statements within the writing.

Printed Quantity: 25
Print Experiments Print Experiments Print Experiments Print Experiments Print Experiments
Young Gun Magazine Editorial Design - Art Direction Young Gun, the phrase by definition means a relative newcomer to an event or industry. Misunderstood, yet wherever they are - making a splash. I am so very pleased to present you with spreads from the first edition of Young Gun Magazine, a publication focused on "Ignited Youth" and their craft. Each article, interview, and photograph featured within this first edition highlights the inspiring artists and athletes shifting their industries from the inside out. As have the contributors, this material has traveled the globe, having origins in the United States and moving onward internationally. Special focus in this issue is placed upon The United States, Europe and South America as the fundamental powerhouses of youth culture. It's about motivated youth - and the communities they create in order to be seen.

Issues Printed - 18
YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun YoungGun
256 Zero Technology - Research Specimen A collection of xeroxed images representing various elements of Pairs, Patterns, & Repetition. No design software was used in the making of this book. Images Sourced from: Apartamento, Frame, Mark, Conveyor Magazine, Kinfolk Magazine, Hello Mr, Aperture, Wax Magazine, Hobo Magazine, and The Selby.

Issues Printed - 3
256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256
Future Symphonies Interactive Design Soundwave Preparations = a mobile application that allows one to re-imagine their sonic environment. Through the combination of audio and video content, the urban space becomes a playground for alternative thinking and documentation. By publishing and engaging with sonic commentary, each and every proposition becomes an advocate for change and curiosity. Because well considered thinking trumps social clout, network followers, cross platform sharing, and "likes" are absent from the platform.

All content propositions are viewable at vimeo.com/gabrieladamato
FutureSymphonies FutureSymphonies FutureSymphonies FutureSymphonies FutureSymphonies
Vetted by CoDivide Package Design Cover art for my single "From what I gain" released February 2014.

Listen to CoDivide at soundcloud.com/codivide.
Purchase this track at codivide.bandcamp.com.
Vetted Vetted Vetted Vetted
Miracles of Modern Science Identity Design Miracles of Modern Science are a string section in mutiny: guitars overboard! The Brooklyn, NY band squeezes together classical textures, disco kinetics, and explosive dynamics you might file under "post-rock" if their instruments weren't decidedly pre-rock.

Please visit:
Moms Moms
20 to 50 / 10 Research A book of reference material for Thesis research at Parsons the New School for Design.

Content Credits:
Data.Anatomy [Civic] (2012)
A data-driven display from Ryoji Ikeda that explores the interior of an automobile.
2050 2050
Screens Experiments